Creativity is my elixir of life, the garden at home my paradise. Floristry has accompanied me since my early childhood and has never left my side since then. For myself it is surprising as well how much I have changed since then. Looking back on my floral and ceramic creations of the past years I realize how much my internships, my studies and my recent stay in England have altered me and my work. The photographs, the depictions of my products, the stories behind all my work, the relevance of the relationship between good design, photography and the stories about the development.

My love for ceramics, porcelain and stoneware – their process, peculiarities and possibilities, which I awakened after I finished my school, finally offers me a suitable basis. The passion that is reflected in all my work is what makes me and my products, arrangements and creations. Consistency and honesty are characteristics of my work that motivate me to create well thought design. I have always been fascinated by individual and versatile combinations. Functional and aesthetic works are my top priority. I work with porcelain and stoneware according to traditional craftsmanship to create innovative products. The durability of my ceramic works is complemented by accents of floral liveliness and their impressive fleeting.

My aim is to create designs to make life easier and more beautiful, to enrich, to bring joy and to increase the enjoyment of all that is wonderful.

A walk through the garden, the assembling of colours and shapes, a freshly fired new stoneware bowl, papers, cardboard and wood in grey and brown shades, favourite camera, a good eye and of course passion and a little time: that was my recipe for the resulting work and the framing photographs.